The Electric Universe “The Primer Fields”- Part 1

David LaPoint

“David expresses a belief that the electrical fields in space cannot account for all the plasma effects of the primer fields but offers no theory of what the driving force is. Basically David is using two bowl magnets to create a Z-pinch and induce the plasma formations seen. It requires that he input a massive amount of voltage to achieve these effects. So for him to say that electrical force are not the driving force is absurd. However or whatever his belief, Electrical currents in space are the driving factor and the only cause for non stationary magnetic fields. The movement of Ions and electrons flowing in opposite directions create the the magnetic fields we observe. Electrical activity in a vast cosmic circuit is the only viable explanation.” -Star0bserver
This is a good example of Ions and electrons moving in an electric field current….From our friend Matt over at the here is a short clip…

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